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ASUV 44 

asuv 44 animal ambulance taxi


Animal emergency

Your pet suddenly becomes ill or injured. He is not doing well and his prognosis may be in danger. Not a minute to lose .... The veterinary emergency is a situation which engages the vital prognosis of your animal and which requires a rapid intervention for an urgent medical care by a veterinarian.

Here's the procedure to follow :

  • Above all, keep calm.

  • Immediately call your veterinarian or the on-call veterinarian, who will advise you depending on the situation and who can prepare the arrival and care of your animal.

  • Avoid  any unnecessary and / or clumsy handling of your animal so as not to increase its suffering.

  • Do not give any medicine or food to your animal without the advice of the veterinarian.

  • Prepare information about the incident and your pet's health:

  • Health and vaccination record, results of previous analyzes and / or x-rays.

  • Provide a description of symptoms and / or medical history, medications, current or previous treatments, allergies, etc.

  • Sick or injured animals can sometimes show abnormal behaviors, even aggressive, so for all emergencies, your animal must be either:

  • Muzzle wearer (dangerous dogs or not)

  • To be in a cage (cat, Nac, birds, rabbits etc ......), so that it is calm, approximately 1/2 hour before our arrival .

  •    asuv 44 taxi animal ambulance emergency  veterinary  Nantes


address and phone 

   Rue du Buron, 44520 Issé, Pays de la Loire, France

Phone: 06/51/86/15/90 



24/24 7/7 

to 06/51/86/15/90

Taxi  coaching / pet sitting on  appointment 

8h00  - 19:00  to 06/51/86/15/90 

from Monday to Friday 

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