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ASUV's services  44
Ambulance transport (on stretcher): (emergency) 24/24 7/7 to the veterinarian or veterinary clinic  
transfers from veterinarian to veterinary clinic.
  visit to the veterinarian any animal with reduced mobility  
non-urgent taxi transport at the transport crate
  for all appointments: visit to the veterinarian
  to the groomer to keep his animal (kennel, pet-sitter, boarding)
  I take the treatments at veterinarians or pharmacies for your companions (on prescription from your veterinarian with (prescription)
  transfer of your animals to your new home
Animal coaching
  visit and advice to secure your home: for the adoption of your future companion (breed, size, type, diet, hygiene, care)
  advice on education (dogs, cats, ferrets)
animal capture  
1st and 2nd category dogs (called "dangerous") only on request from the police or town hall : cats: ferrets: domestic rodents
  I do according to your request 
walk. food. cleaning  boxes   etc  

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